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Ground broken


BANANA FESTIVAL PARTICIPANTS -Fulton County Transit Authority’s Ambassador Darrell Sims gladly agreed to represent the agency again this year in the Lions Club Banana Festival Grand Parade. He was driven throughout the parade route by FCTA Drivers Supervisor JoAnn Gardiner in her convertible automobile. Accompanying Sims was her two granddaughters RayBell and Addie. In addition to riding in the parade, Sims visited the FCTA information booth at the festival and enjoyed a helping of the festival’s one-ton banana pudding. While at the booth, Sims enjoyed chatting with many of his FCTA friends. Several FCTA employees were active participants in this year’s Banana Festival as well as active helpers to see that the event was carried out


Christy Snow has worked in Dispatch at FCTA for four years.

Bond taking on HR/Safety duties

Fulton County Transit Authority has a new Human Resource Manager/Safety Director who is very familiar with how the agency works.

Kristin Bond, who has been Scheduler/Accounts Payable since July 29, 2021, joined the FCTA Management Team as Human Resource Manager/Safety Director on June 12.

“I’m ambitious and I needed the challenge,” Bond said shortly after learning she would take on the new role at FCTA. "I like working with people and I feel I can be utilized better in this job."

The daughter of Lisa McCord of Milburn, Bond grew up in the Clinton area and lived there until she completed elementary school. Her family moved to Murray and Bond graduated from Murray High School.

Bond has three children: Austin, 14; Gracie, 12; and Analiese, 10. She is engaged to Michael Grooms.

They will wed in October.

Prior to working at FCTA, Bond was employed by the Hickman County School District.

“I moved to Fulton and wanted to work closer to home,” Bond explained.

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Kristin Bond, who has been Scheduler/Accounts Payable since July 29, 2021, joined the FCTA Management Team in June. Bond grew up in the Clinton area before moving to Murray and graduating from Murray High School.

Snow promoted

 Fulton County Transit Authority Dispatcher/Call Taker Christy Snow was given new duties recently. The four-year veteran of the FCTA Dispatch Office was named Dispatch/Scheduling Supervisor by Executive Director Paul Maxwell prior to the weekly team meeting.

Snow, who marked her fourth year at FCTA in April 2022, earned the FCTA Executive Director’s Award from Kenney Etherton in 2019. In 2020, Snow was named FCTA Employee of the Year by her coworkers. During the 2021 Kentucky Public Transit Association Conference, Snow was named CSR of the Year – Outstanding Customer Service.

Snow worked daily throughout the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic to make certain the agency lived up to its motto of “Going & Coming Your Way.” A team player, Snow never hesitates to cover shifts and goes above and beyond for FCTA.

Born in Fulton, Snow is the daughter of Walter and Freda Boquette. A graduate of South Fulton High School, she has been married to Michael Snow for more than 30 years. They have three children: Elizabeth, Brandon, and Alayna. They also have two grandchildren, Jameson and Adalynn.


MAKING WAY FOR NEEDED GROWTH - Ground was broken May 25 for the new office complex at Fulton County Transit Authority. The new facility will be dedicated to Sam Jones, a driver who worked at FCTA for 28 years. Jones passed away a little over a year ago. Those participating in the actual groundbreaking included FCTA Board Member Carol Ann Parker; Blaine Thompson-Beasley, Head Project Manager and Estimator at Evrard-Strang Construction; Stacey Courtney, Associate Director of Planning & Community Development at the Purchase Area Development District ; FCTA Executive Director Paul Maxwell; FCTA Board Member and KenTenn EMS Director Kevin Kelly; FCTA Board Member Rev. Jesse Webb; Fulton City Commissioner Cubb Stokes; FCTA Executive Director Paul Maxwell; Fulton-Hickman Counties Economic Development Partnership President Mark Welch; FCTA Interim Director and Special Project Manager Mark Davis; Former FCTA Executive Director Kenney Etherton; Paducah Area Transit System Executive Director Arthur Boykin; and FCTA Board Member and Fulton City Manager Mike Gunn.

Both JoAnn Gardiner and Goldie Taylor had other careers before working at FCTA as drivers.

Gardiner, Taylor named supervisors

Two Fulton County Transit Authority Drivers were recently promoted to supervisory positions.

According to Operations Director Rachel Cook, FCTA’s Driver Supervisors are responsible for a plethora of duties.

“They are basically our eyes and ears out in the field,” Cook said. “They serve as the liaison between drivers and management and bring any issues to management’s attention. They also assist drivers with any issues pertaining to wheelchairs and client loading. They supply drivers with PPE and ensure the drivers are filling out their paperwork correctly. Recently, they have been providing water to the drivers to make certain they stay hydrated during the hot temperatures the region has experienced.”

In addition to all those duties, the supervisors continue to make sure the drivers are keeping themselves and clients safe by making sure the FCTA vehicles are cleaned and sanitized.

JoAnn Gardiner

Some might say working at Fulton County Transit Authority is on the other end of the employment spectrum from what JoAnn Gardiner used to do.

“I was a cook on a towboat. I did that for 15 years,” Gardiner said. “I was gone for six months a year. Then the grandkids came into the world, and I didn’t want to miss out with them. This job kept popping up on Facebook, so I took that as a sign this was what I was supposed to be doing. So, I applied and here I still am.”

Gardiner will celebrate her fourth anniversary with the agency in October.

“The best part is our clients,” Gardiner said. “They make the job worth it. We have some great coworkers here. Another benefit is being home which makes all the difference.”

It was her supervisor and his support that made Gardiner want to take on the Drivers Supervisor responsibilities at FCTA.

“I got the driving part down over the last couple of years,” Gardiner said. “I had help from a great supervisor who helped me along the way. I wanted to challenge my old self and try to learn this job and help keep us all team players at work. I know I have the support from the office to learn all the aspects of this side of Transit.”

Born in Tiptonville, Tennessee to Richard and Mary Jo Smith, Gardiner is the second child of six. She has two brothers and three sisters: Glen, Tim, Jennifer, Stephanie, and Amanda.

“I married Bob Gardiner in January 1987,” Gardiner said. “We had two boys – Robert, who married Rache Wilson, and Dewayne, who married Tiffany Elkins.”

It was Dewayne and Tiffany who gave Gardiner what she calls her “greatest gift ever,” her granddaughters RayBell and Addie.

“They are my pride and joy and my little joys who are getting us into something all the time both good and bad,” Gardner said. “Our favorite pastime is getting Nana in the pool.”

Goldie Taylor

Goldie Taylor took on a new responsibility at Fulton County Transit Authority recently in an effort to help the agency.

“There was a need and I felt that I could meet that need in a professional manner,” Taylor said of the Drivers Supervisor position.

Taylor, who has worked at FCTA for two years, believes in the agency’s mission.

“FCTA is a much-needed service in Fulton, Graves, and the surrounding counties,” Taylor said. “I look at it as a ministry of helping people. Many of the people have no other transportation or outside contacts. FCTA fulfills those needs.”

For Taylor, the best part of working at FCTA is helping people. His coworkers are a big part of why he enjoys the job, too.

“The people working for FCTA are some of the nicest people,” Taylor said. “It’s a pleasure working with people that are professional yet pleasant.”

Taylor is the father of three children – Latoya, who is a teacher and has one child, Karson; Goldie III who has three children; and Kennie who has nine children and 13 grandchildren.

After retiring from USEC after 40 years, Taylor found it hard to just sit down. That is part of the reason he sought employment at FCTA. Taylor cares for his 98-year-old mother, Lillie. Taylor attends Greater St. Paul Church in Wingo. He is also a coin collector.

Taylor holds an AA degree in sociology and completed approximately three years of college.